Indoor cycling consistently remains a top cardio choice because of its versatility – it’s got something for all fitness levels and the intensity can be dialed up or down in a second. While there are many indoor cycling drills out there, here are some of the most common ones you will find in a traditional class.

Indoor Cycling Drills Infographic

Indoor Cycling Drills

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Indoor Cycling Drills Lingo

Sprint – a form of anaerobic training that involves a burst of speed, bringing your revolutions per minute (RPMs) between 90 and 110. Your resistance should feel like a seated flat road (level 4 on a 1-10 scale). It’s important to have some resistance on the bike to keep your pedals consistent and under control. Be sure to recover adequately between sprint intervals.
Standing Sprint – a burst of speed standing out of the saddle. Add more resistance when standing to keep your cadence under control.
Run – Standing out of the saddle with a faster speed but not as fast as a sprint. Resistance is moderate.
Hill Climb – Simulate biking up a hill by adding resistance. Your RPMs will decrease as you add more resistance. Hills typically start in a level 5 resistance with a slight incline in the road. If you’re doing a standing climb, keep your bottom over the saddle to active your glutes.
Rolling Hill – alternate climbing up a hill with riding on a seated flat road. For the hill, resistance level is typically a 6 or 7 (small to medium hill). RPMs are 70-90 for the seated flat road.
Jumps – alternate in and out of the saddle, usually one to two 8 counts of music at a time. Add some resistance to your seated flat level to make it more comfortable standing out of the saddle.
Endurance – a challenging but comfortable ride (still able to talk) while maintaining a selected heart rate range. Used for training to ride longer. RPMs stay around 100 but resistance and RPMs can be adjusted throughout.
Flat Road – riding on a flat road at a consistent pace. RPMs between 70 and 90. Resistance level 4.

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Happy Cycling!


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