Write down your why

If your reasons to skip a workout (lack of time, no energy, zero motivation) are adding up, lean on these 7 motivational workout strategies.

Put on your workout clothes

This is step one in getting a workout in and an easy step to take. I especially employ this strategy on weekends when I am out of my normal routine and it’s easy to stay home. Even if I don’t make it to the gym, I am still much more likely to squeeze in a home workout if my workout clothes are already on.

Remember your why

Reminding yourself of WHY you exercise can help you stay on track even when motivation is low. When you’ve had a long, frustrating, crazy-busy day, your WHY will be what helps you get on the bike and start cycling. Remember that motivation fluctuates, so be ready to ride the waves.

Your energy will increase

If you’re too tired to exercise, keep this study’s results in your back pocket. A study by the University of Georgia found that people who rode a stationary bike three times a week at a low intensity reported having more energy than those who did not exercise. Better yet, the exercisers continued the energy boost for six weeks during their cycling routine.

Invoke the power of positive thinking

Put out into the world what you want to receive back. Visualize what it will feel like to be stronger or to finish your workout. Tell yourself you can do it. Above all else, be kind to yourself.

Ask yourself, “Will I regret missing this workout?”

You probably know the answer to this question, and if the answer is yes, use this realization to get moving.

Give yourself a mini-challenge

If you’re not mentally into the workout, jazz it up by giving yourself a challenge. If you sprinted for 30 seconds last time, see if you can go for 45. Made it 8 reps last week? Go for 10!

Just do the warm-up

When you feel like skipping your workout all together, make yourself a deal that you will just do a warm-up. Then once you’re warm, decide to do one set of one exercise. Keep building on your progress – this will make a workout you didn’t want to do less daunting. Even if you stop after the warm-up, you still did more than you planned!

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